Asaderos Villa Ahumada....

Oh My God!! Cheese is good only in Villa Ahumada!!!

Today, since we're bored, we decided to go to Villa Ahumada. It's a town about 1 and a half hours away from Juarez where it is known to be the Cheese Capital of the World (really, if you leave the state and you did not stop to eat burritos or quesadillas in Villa Ahumada, you were never in Chihuahua). To here is Miss Suky, Mr. David, and me, on my baby car... driving to our destiny.

The road: I thought it was going to be more dangerous. There are all these ugly tales about the Federal highway in Mexico. The only difference is that in the US you have bathrooms and all... and here there is nothing but the Sierra and the desert.

The Booths: Military booths all over... ok, not. There is one when you go out of Juarez and since my car is National (that's what we call it when the car has National Plates instead of the State ones) then we can go through with no problems. At the Aduana one they stopped us because they wanted to see my car's papers. First of all, I have not paid for it so I have no papers but the ones where I proof that I'm paying for my car... so, after seeing that we weren't gonna give him any money, the State Trooper let us go. Then, there is the Military Base. That one was on our way back. They told us to stop for checking... and the only thing they checked was "where are you going?" (To Juarez) "why?" (we live there) "Oh yeah? What do you do?" (we're all teachers) "Really?! You look like... well you look like doctors!"

The Quesadillas: Oh my GOD!!!! GOOD!!!! We had 6 quesadillas EACH (well, not Suky. She had 5) that's like having 12 quesadillas (regulars, here in Juarez) and they were so yummy! and-And the BEST part is that we got to buy cheese!! I got 3 small wheels of cheese and requeson and I got my mom some ate de membrillo. It was good.

An adventure to remember. The truth is that we are planning to go to Casas Grandes on our spring break. Let's see if we can. I'm happy because I got to spend time with my friends outside the school and because now I know that my car can hold on to a long drive on a Mexican Highway. Oh! And to top it? We saw the arrival of the new 5 000 soldiers that are going to be stationed here in Juarez. We even took pictures. Suky took pictures of me and David as we munched down on the quesadillas.

Corrido de Chihuahua

Yo soy del mero Chihuahua,
del mineral de Parral,
y escuchen este corrido
que alegre voy a cantar,
¡Que bonito es Chihuahua!

Eres mi tierra norteña,
india vestida de sol,
brava como un león herido
dulce como una canción.
¡Que bonito es Chihuahua!

Lindas las noches de luna
arrulladas con sotol,
que por alla por "La Junta"
me paseaba con mi amor.
¡Que bonito es Chihuahua!

Las fiestas de Santa Rita
del noble y viejo real,
que tienen sabor añejo
y alegria tradicional.
¡Que bonito es Chihuahua!

La cascada Basiasiachic
es como lluvia de plata,
donde me iba por tarde
a pasearme con mi chata
¡Que bonito es Chihuahua!

Para valientes mi tierra,
para manzanas el valle,
asaderos Villa Ahumada
y de la sierra la carne.
¡Que bonito es Chihuahua!

Esas liebres orejeras
y los pinos de Majalca
y el gran ganado llamado
cara blanca de Chihuahua.
¡Que bonito es Chihuahua!

Las ferias de Santa Rosa
plata y oro del Parral
las grullas y los venados
esa es mi tierra natal.
¡Que bonito es Chihuahua!

Ya me voy, ya me despido
no se les vaya a olvidar,
pa' gente buena Chihuahua
que es valiente, noble y leal.
-- Felipe Bermejo/De Lille


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