Live, from the CompuRent, it's the Saturday Edition!

It's Saturday night and I am at CompuRent trying to update this blog as often as I can. I can now tell with out a shadow of a doubt that these computers don't look as cool as they did about three years ago. I love my laptop.

Today was a TKT meeting I had to do. Next week I have to pay for the test, but the teachers are gonna take it 'till May. I thought it might be a little more professional of me to tell them the news up close and personal. I was right. They were grateful. So now we have a study date from this saturday to the next and I need to get my mojo back on track. There is a good cahnce that the ITCJ is going to pay their teachers for the module (and we're talking about 20 teachers probably more) which means more work, hence, a pay raise.


But I can look ahead and look forward to a three day weekend. No class on Monday.

I wanted to go to this candle place today but I sort of rather go and tend to Angie. She's all bummed out that she has to move back to her parent's because she doesn't have a job and cannot pay for the rent in her place. It's a set back, I tell her, but if she looks at it in a positive perspective, she doesn't have to worry about the bills for a while and she can focus all her energy on to getting a job and continuing with her Master's.

So, it's Saturday... let's see what's on the Playlist!!


Today's playlist is brought to you by the fine people who invented mixed drinks in a can... you can now hammer yourself silly while driving without having to go to a bar and have the bartender take your keys... yeey...

1. Bad Girlfriend -- Theory of a DeadmanMy sister says this song is completely HER... which would be so awesome if she wasn't already MARRIED...

2. Possum Kingdom --- The Toadies
This is a sexy vampire song... I love the I would treat you well, my sweet angel... PLUS, I have a lust-on-going relationship with this man's voice...

3. Lost in Emotion -- Lisa Lisa
Because sometimes a panda needs her shot of cheesy 80's music...

4. The Blower's Daughter -- Demien Rice
If you're suffering from a heartbreak, please don't listen to this song because it will only depress you more. This song touches the fibers.. I like it.

5. If You Seek Amy -- Britney Spears
A stroke of genius from miss Spears. I love this song... love me, hate me, say what you want about me but all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek amy... hahahaha!!! I love it!

6. I kissed a Girl -- Katie Perry

7. Miles Away -- Madonna
Miss Madonna has encapsulated my current situation with a dear friend... He'll always love me more, miles away... This song rocks, I don't care what others say.

8. Ticket to Ride -- The Beatles
I think that The Beatles need no explanation. The BEST rock/pop band there EVER WAS and EVER WILL BE.

9. I hate my Life -- Theory of a Deadman
I hate them hobos too...

10. I'll Fly Away -- Jars of Clay
I know, hum? Quite the shockign turn of events. This song is very inspiring to me. In fact, Jars of Clay is probably my favorite group to get inspired by.

Check 'em out! Tell me what you think... and tell me if you have a favorite song too...



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