I've actually Won

I have learned that I have won the Mr. Teacher thingie... I was so excited about it but then I thought that maybe the fact that I live in Mexico might post a problem. I hope not. I really like the "I teach there for I am... poor" shirt... or the one that says "Darth Grader" that one is cool too..

Speaking of teachers, this is me with a camera. The one grading is my friend Angie, when she was grading the English I papers... music effects done by moi. I know, I know... never let a Panda have control of a camera.

Yesterday we went to watch The Watchmen. I have not read the "graphic novel" (name you give comic books and you don't wanna look like such a geeky adult buying comics) but I liked the movie. I thought it was too long, though. It came to a point that I just said "get on with the killing man!!" but the ending was good. I give it four Rainy Stars because the length of any action movie shouldn't be more than 2 hours... plus, the owl character was just hilarious to me.

The funny bit was that when we got out of the movies I couldn't get out of the building. Spent about ten minutes trying to figure out how the door worked --- the ELECTRIC DOOR... yeah, turns out that it might be time for me to get glasses.

We don't have class tomorrow. It's a national holiday. Well, not tomorrow: we have the Birth of Benito Juarez on the 21st, but the School Board of Education moved the date to the 16th so we could have a day off. So, school starts on Tuesday -- new school schedule because the afternoon class finished their module last Friday, so they start next week. 6 weeks of class and then nothing 'till August, at least in the Afternoon. I am torn into whether taking the English IX class so I can keep busy during May-June or not. Or maybe I should give the class to a teacher who is in need? Like, has three children, no wife and a mother to support? Something like that? What do you think?

I am preparing myself for the CENEVAL classes to. The School wants to embark on that journey and the only teacher with the experience teaching those types of classes is yours trully. CENEVAL means Centro Nacional de Evaluacion (National Evaluation Center) and it's basically a test people can take to credit high school (obtaining the High school diploma without taking a class), or any kind of bachelors degree. The test is not an easy task and many people who enroll into taking the test opt for taking a prep class for it. They also are the sole providers for the entrance exams for all the public universities and that's when we come in. The school wants to provide all the high school graduates a prep course so they can pass (or at least have a fair chance at passing) the CENI-II test. It ain't easy but it's a great chance for students to get the URN experience. We hope to get more students into our university this way.

Let's see what comes up with this brew.

PS: Didn't get shirt but got something BETTER --- Mr Teacher @ Learn Me Good send me a copy of his book. THANK YOU!!! XD


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