The Plants and the Panda

A three-day weekend was upon us. So, after doing some OLD SKOOL downloads (yeah, for reals, I mean --- OLD SKOOL), on Monday me and me moms went around town to see who had the best plant dirt ('cause apparently not ALL dirt is good for plants -- it has to be SPECIAL dirt). We ended-up getting a gardenia, a jazmin, a ruda plant, one that's called viola, a rubber plant, a palm, a chile plant, a juliet, and 6or 7 plant pots... with dirt. What started as a "let's go out" Monday turned into "Let's plant some plants!" day. It was fun. We started planting at about 3 in the afternoon and ended at 8... mainly because we took a two-hour break to see Slum Dog Millionaire on DVD (don't ask, m'kay?). It's so refreshing working with plants... but I found out that it's a lot like working with people.

1. Plants need to be reminded that they're pretty. MOST people I work with need to be reminded that even though they are pretty that doesn't make them GOOD people.

2. Plants need food and water to grow. People need food... not necessarily water, but a good diet coke will do... Dr Pepper if you're REALLY about to blow someone's brain out.

3. Plants need songs to keep them cheery. People need songs to... well... something.

4. Plants tend to get sad when are being mistreated. People get sad... then angry... then vengeful... then sad again when their vengeance turns against them.

5. *Some* plants end-up as food... as do most people at the end of their lives.

:) I love my new plants... and the old ones as well...


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