EXHCOBA --- that's a BROOM!

The new entrance exam in the UACJ is the EXHCOBA. This is important because the URN (the university I work for) wants to launch a project about giving the students a crash course into taking this exam. The chances of passing the exam are pretty high though -- unless you're a useless bum... Plus, the name of the exam "EXHCOBA" sounds like "ESCOBA" which means "BROOM" in Spanish...

... com on.. at least CENEVAL --- the NAME itself made fear thunder in your heart... EXHCOBA... makes me wanna clean my house..

That reminds me...

PS--- The EXHCOBA and CENEVAL courses in the URN are going to be "Monday - Saturday (24 hrs)"

I give you a cookie if you find the flaw in THIS plan!


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