It's Official --- I'm back in the Game.

I am officially a student -- I start my MA on Friday!

At last! After weeks and months of deliberations, I start my MA in Education on Friday. I'm excited, physiqued, and all ready to become once again a student. They tell me the group is nice and that the teachers are awesome, I sure hope I can fufill the expectations. :)
So, back to the books for me... at least on Fridays and Saturdays. I am really excited and now I am all filled with this new renewed energy. I think I need this... XD

I am a little worried about the TKT results, though. It seems that some teachers haven't paid the course and, thus, I will not be able to pay their test. I hope I can figure it out tomorrow. I hope so.

My friend Angie is still jobless. But I just heard from a teacher that she is opening a daycare (the teacher, not Angie). And I figure, since Angie has experience working with kids and all, I asked the teacher if she needed an art teacher. So, if all goes well, Angie might have a job at this daycare.

The "LEARN** Me Good" Book is AWESOME. It's funny, witty, and it totally pictures what one goes through as a first-year teacher... (a first day for me, for I too gave the Mr Opus speech to my 6th grades my first day...) I totally dig this book.

Sleepy, hungry... excited.

Viva La Panda.

PS: ** -- Sorry Mr Teacher... It's LEARN me good.. I am but sad, sad panda... who gets t shirt and book confused... see? I'm just a PANDA, your technology of books frightens me and spooks me (yeah, recalling old SNL skid of Caveman Lawyer here... I'll go away now)


Mister Teacher

I'm glad you're enjoying it, but it's LEARN Me Good, not TEACH Me Good. . .


Miss Panda

Hahaha! Sorry... I am but a sad sad panda

Mister Teacher

hehehe it's ok, I will give you a pass this time, unfrozen caveman lawyer. :)

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