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It's Official --- I'm back in the Game.

I am officially a student -- I start my MA on Friday!

At last! After weeks and months of deliberations, I start my MA in Education on Friday. I'm excited, physiqued, and all ready to become once again a student. They tell me the group is nice and that the teachers are awesome, I sure hope I can fufill the expectations. :)
So, back to the books for me... at least on Fridays and Saturdays. I am really excited and now I am all filled with this new renewed energy. I think I need this... XD

I am a little worried about the TKT results, though. It seems that some teachers haven't paid the course and, thus, I will not be able to pay their test. I hope I can figure it out tomorrow. I hope so.

My friend Angie is still jobless. But I just heard from a teacher that she is opening a daycare (the teacher, not Angie). And I figure, since Angie has experience working with kids and all, I asked the teacher if she needed an art teacher. So, if all goes well, Angie might have a job at this daycare.

The "LEARN** Me Good" Book is AWESOME. It's funny, witty, and it totally pictures what one goes through as a first-year teacher... (a first day for me, for I too gave the Mr Opus speech to my 6th grades my first day...) I totally dig this book.

Sleepy, hungry... excited.

Viva La Panda.

PS: ** -- Sorry Mr Teacher... It's LEARN me good.. I am but sad, sad panda... who gets t shirt and book confused... see? I'm just a PANDA, your technology of books frightens me and spooks me (yeah, recalling old SNL skid of Caveman Lawyer here... I'll go away now)

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Mister Teacher said...

I'm glad you're enjoying it, but it's LEARN Me Good, not TEACH Me Good. . .


Miss Panda said...

Hahaha! Sorry... I am but a sad sad panda

Mister Teacher said...

hehehe it's ok, I will give you a pass this time, unfrozen caveman lawyer. :)

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