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As you can see, Blogger is screwing with this panda's images. I've already posted a "Please help me" thingie on the thingie where you ask for help. I'll check it out later on.

Today was very difficult. The TKT is going to drive me crazy but I have faith that everything will work out for the better. We're down 25 000 pesos. That means that we are missing that amount to pay for the tests. Breathe in, breathe out.

Ok... If I had known that the promotions dept. of the University was going to get 16 000 pesos paid FOR DOING NOTHING... then I would have done the same thing. Who was the one who was calling people in the first place? Who pushed and pushed for the course to take place? To go door-to-door (or, rather school-to-school) promoting this thing? Well, I'll tell you, it wasn't promotions. They did a magnificent promotions deal with 5 posters... 5!! Do you know how many schools I visited to promote this thing?! 30! 5 posters... and they got 16 000 pesos for it (16 000 translates roughly as 1400 US moolah, which is still a lot). So, to move the brain wave twisting thingie... I have to contact Cambridge to get a late fee to pay for the tests a little later on. Then, I have to contact the International House people to tell them how much time I managed to BEG Cambridge for. Then, talk to teachers... My teachers paid a little less than the rest of the group, so I'll be asking for their cooperation. A lot of stuff to do in less than three days.

Time to blog? Yes... oh yes.

After toying with idea that maybe the google thingie has problems, and that maybe those problems derive from the fact that my school's internet support is saying that the address is filtering violation... then maybe that explains a lot. I have here a picture I have done and posted over at DeviantART (yuvia.deviantart.com) called "JUAREZ".

... I have to do these sorts of images... or else the coo-coo bananas in me starts going amok.


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