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I wanted to use the cat as an example of how I feel after Valentine's Day. It's kind of like the bug is feeling when it sees the gigantic hungry cat praying upon it... preying.. God!

I got a good V day present from a friend -- a hand-made knitted hat. Then it was out to eat sushi. It was all good.

In class -- Quiz day. Time to make people cry and see their "why didn't I study harder" faces. The quiz was rather easy according to most -- but there is always that one little rice on top, you know? The one that swears on his puppy's life that we have not seen those subjects before.

Yeah, same kid who got a 59 in the quiz and has 5 missed classes out of 10.

:) Indeed.


Valentine's Day is overrated. So is Mother's day, father's day, teacher's day, and every other "x" day you can think of. To have one day to tell a person that he/she is your friend and that you love them -- ONE day out of 365 days of the year. But then again, how often do we do it? How often do we tell our friends that we love them and that we're there for them? We tend to take those things for granted and in the same circuit as "He/She knows I love her/him".

So I don't think it's overrated. Maybe a little over proportioned, with all the candy, flowers, jewelry, cards, and the shenanigans when all you really need is to hug someone or give them a tap on the shoulder to tell them "hey, I'm here for you".

Valentine's day shouldn't be the "day that I am reminded of how alone I am". Is the day when we ought to feel lucky to have the friends and family members we have in our lives and acknowledge them -- if we don't do it already, any other day.

I know I ramble. But I also know that's one thing that my friends (the real ones) are willing to stand about me.


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