V Day Preview

Valentine's Day is the day when all those Super Bowl guys who paid no attention to their spouses and girlfriends can make it up

So, tomorrow is the V Day. When I used to work at elementary school, the V day extravaganza would start at midday and carry on 'till the kids' parents would pick 'em up at 2. And the teachers would be rolling in candy by the time it was over. Oh yes - the glorious days of Valentine's Day's candy/chocolate are now in the past, as university/college students won't consider bringing a little lollipop. I got one today, but it was so little I didn't even notice the flavor.

(Thank you, Miss Izza, for bringing yummy lollipop to me)

For this reason, my level III English students are taking their Unit 1 - 2 quiz. They take the quiz today, they have a relaxed weekend, and then on Monday they'll sing the not-so-happy song of "The Quiz was too hard!" They sometimes forget how good they are, you know? I mean, they do GREAT in the class, they do their homework, they participate, and they speak the language fairly good (at least they don't sound like an underpaid "Viva Hollywood" character...) But when quiz time gets here, they get nervous and I wish I could help them out but there are limits to my aid during quizzes.

I believe they will do great on this one. They've been a great bunch of people.

And what better way to celebrate V Day than to pre-order a very special gift for that special someone in your life, right?

Here in Juarez, we have solved the problem of thinking what to get that someone. Do you give flowers? Naah! They dry! Now about some jewelry? Naah! It'll get stolen! Clothes? Are you kidding? Chocolate? What if that someone is on a diet or something?


That's right. Cerveza Victoria celebrates St Valentine's Day by offering their consumers the VALENTINE'S DAY BUCKET OF BEER! Door-delivered on Valentine's Day, arranged with balloons and all... 12 beers. What better way to say I love you?? Why be like all the other guys and give that person you love something everyone else already gives! No sir! Beer! Beer is the secret of love, romance, and a lot of guys and girls hooking up.


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