It's a COLD Friday!

Today I have my SECOND MA class... I can hardly wait. I have a meeting with English teachers on Saturday, so unless I can come up two of me in less than 24 hours, then I dunno what the heck I gonna do... I´ll probably ask Miss Carmen to take over the meeting (study meeting) for me since I'll be at the MA class from 9 to 1... and every now and then I'll roll on and see whatzzup with them. But then again, I also have to tell them what the deal is with the TKT... and that's something that I want to do AFTER vacations.

Thus far, I've had discada tacos. I am stuffed!!! Too many discada tacos in less than 15 minutes (I was running because I had a class). And yesterday's lesson on how to differentiate people from person did not go as planned. They keep insisting that people should carry an "s" at the end when it's more than one. I keep telling them that "people" is the plural of "person". Somehow the concept is oblivious to them... o though, I sincerelly doubt that they know the meaning of the word "oblivious", even in Spanish.


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