The First Day of... well, it's still too early.

It's still too early to tell... but it's Aunt Nina, so you never know what can happen around her.

Aunt Nina came from California and already she has made my bed and the couch her home. It's not that she's aunt Nina -- but the constant nagging is what makes her unique amongst the aunts. She has already met with Aunt Yolanda and Aunt Gaby and has already managed to annoy the heck out of both of them. According to my cousin Edgar, there will be a family reunion on Easter Sunday... is it? I can't remember if he said it was gonna be on Sunday or Good Friday. The thing is that we're gonna have the traditional Chairez Lent feast: PORK AND CARNE ASADA!!! SHEAH! -- I kid. It's gonna be capirotada, chiles rellenos (with tuna), lentejas, tortitas de camaron... and salad. Out of all these items, this panda will probably just dig into the salad because the bad thing about this whole ordeal (yes, there is such a thing as a bad thing in the Lent season) is that my mother was commissioned to do the capirotada and none of us has the courage/heart to tell her that her capirotada sucks.

School's doing okay. The big rustle was that the Academic coordinator FORGOT to place Miss Yesmin on the payroll. She just oops! forgot! And Miss Yesmin was in danger of not getting paid not only this last two weeks (we get paid every two weeks here), but also the two weeks of vacations we're gonna have in the morning! Unbelievable nerve of this woman! I know she's a little pregnant... but I swear, that baby must be sucking her brains out! Gladly, I could arrange it with the administrator her and Miss Yesmin will happily receive a check for her trouble.

Oh! And remember the CENEVAL deal? Well, since Mr Juarez (AKA the Squirrel) did not get up and move it move it, there was no promo for it (and the little promo that it was for it it was all screwed up with the 24 hour day and the costs of more than 2000 dollars) well, the courses will not take place. And it was a good idea. Now I am focusing my mantra energies of the FORCE on the conversational English. I have two groups now (one of them comes from the UACJ but I don't wanna tell the Squirrel of my boss 'till the deal is sealed -- they want to prepare for the TOEFL as they're about to finish their MA and do not know anything about this test) and I plan to make some extra dough out of them.

I am going to present next Saturday on my Leadership class! I am preparing the material! Yeeey! I wanna raise the bar so that my classmates know the kind of limits my imagination can go... and the level of nerdyness my brain has (is it "nerdiness" or "nerdyness"... is NERD-Y/I-NESS even a WORD??) So, I am very psyched about that. And on the communications class, I have to research a little bit on how mass media affects society. Hah! I am sure glad I listened to all those hours of talk radio now! Thank you!!!

I am sleepy yet happy...


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