18 and Life we got'em...

If they thing I was playing nice... Get a load of this!

So, today was the start of the new module at the URN. Morning class started at 8 am and as usual, I was here at that hour to check on mah teachers and see that everything was smooth sailing. After all, I was very upset on Friday, when I found out that the computers that they had promised were going to be for the English Department were given, in fact, to the Industrial Engineering people because of some fudddy duddy program (AUTOCARD!) that they needed to do. I decided that being pissed off at people was not going to solve my problems, and instead started to design a strategy to (a) get the Head Dean's attention towards the problem and (b).. well, (a) pretty much covers it. So, with this in mind (and because I pointed my cursing finger at them --- sorry God) I came to work only to find out that three out of five graphic design students that are taking the English VIII class with Mr. Larios have failed. WTF? These kids have been in my class before and I don't consider them to be dumb kids. So this panda did what she does best and went to the field to investigate. Turns out that they not only failed English, but they also failed three of their G.D. classes. Oh my God! Me and Mr Larios went to talk thinks over with the Principal guy. These kids are about to graduate and now, thanks to their lack of responsibility they are in the brink of being held back one year... ONE YEAR! Not even one semester! HO-LY shit indeed. So tomorrow, they are going to talk to the group to see what the heck are they gonna do. They're gonna give 'em one shot at being happy... or at least of not being left behind.

In other news...

I have come to the conclusion that some people you just can't help them have a life or change their life for the better. Case in mind? Catholic-Geek from my Leadership class. This lady was not only NOT listening to what I was saying in the Ben Franklin presentation (when I talked about his book, "An Autobiography"), but she actually quoted parts of the book that I had already said! I mean, com'on! And then she keeps her computer open at all times and chats her little soul away during class. I mean, are you here for the free INTERNET or to take a MASTER'S DEGREE IN EDUCATION class? Because I think there is a difference. I mean, when you criticize a class based on the "religious" belief that "a leader should be someone who does GOOD, not EVIL"... then... I ... Whaaaa??

A LEADER is someone who can take charge and take his or her people through his or her system of belief. It is not our place to judge if they are good or evil. A leader is a good leader, regardless if they are for the good of mankind or not.

At least that's how I understand it...

Or what do you think?


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