The Teeth Extravaganza

My dad can be a real wuzz when it comes to doctors...

This time, it was a tooth. And daddy did not want to go to the dentist because, hey, "Pandas do not go to dentists!" But then, turns out that his tooth started to hurt so bad that he remembered God in several languages and prayers. He said "I think I might have even confessed to crimes I didn't commit". So, with that said, I made an appointment for him to go with my favorite doctor girl in the whole-wide world, Eva.

Today was such appointment. And as you can see from the picture, he didn't wanna go. He claimed that he was feeling O.K. and that his tooth was not hurting. Then you saw his face and you can tell, he looks like a hamster who has eaten a big-ass nut and is keeping it in his cheek-pouch for when winter comes. So, after darting him with tranquilizers, I took him to the dentist. He needed an X-Ray because (even though I know my father has a PhD in Dentistry and assured the dentist that was nothing wrong and that all he needed was to have his molar pulled out) Eva said that she needed to see if the tooth was to have a root canal or just a massive cleansing. Out we came and went to get the X ray. Now, daddy has an appointment for next Friday. His tooth is under sedation, so it doesn't hurt that much. As they are going to finish with daddy that same day, I figure, maybe it's time I took care of my own teeth. So, I have the appointment to fix my front pearls that same day.

Ah! The COBACH kids had some what of a blast today (I like to phantasize about this and about unicorns and ponies that talk too, OKAY?) -- we played Yeopardy! (The Generic version of that show that has Alec Trebec in it?) and I used several categories for them, like "Biology" and "Numbers". It was fun the first three hours. By hour four, they were "But we're so tired!!!" Well, one of them turned out to be this kid who was in Jr. High way back when I used to teach in the 6th grade (yes, oh yes, I was once one of you my good people). It was fun to remember and to find out the "WHERE ARE THEY NOW" of my ex-alumni.

I just found out that my Gloria Trevi Video "Y Todos Me Miran" has been disable from YouTube... and just as I am typing this, I figured that I could have posted it here instead of deleting it from the site... I am such a ditz!!

P.S: My car's CD player has MIRACULOUSLY started working again. I think it's because it senses that the apocalypse is coming and it wants me to have a good time while we're at it.


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