Oh My Goodness!!! Vacations are OVAH!

The TEN Things that HAPPENED On my short vacations --- I WENT ALL UNPLUGGED!!

1. Aunt Nina came to town... and like good old Satan, she came just to spite Jesus... or in my family's case, Aunt Yolanda, who is also here in town and these two are bitter enemies. O thought the frivolity of the event came all the way down yesterday (Saturday) when the whole family got together to celebrate... well, it was supposed to be a Glory Saturday thing, but it turned out a "look at the obnoxious little kid Ana has" day.

2. As predicted, the dragon has died. A member of the old site I used to be at (I have no intention of promoting here) has now called it quits. I truly feel sorry for him and for the owner of the site. I guess things happen for a reason and let's hope the good reason is that she can learn something out of this and he can look for brighter pastures.

3. Boss called to ask if I can do the CENEVAL course. I said YES, BUT... Mom has an appointment with Cardio people tomorrow at 9 A.M. Plan to call boss to tell him I am sorry I cannot make it tomorrow. He is gonna be mad. I just know it.

4. I presented my thingie at the Leadership thingie and this catholic nut went rampage on me. Why? Because -according to her- I was telling LIES! LIES! The Church is all nice and going, there is no such thing as an EVIL church and -- Sergio Mendez Arceo was called the Red Bishop because of the EVIL church detractors. No, girlie... you're just drinking waaaaay too much Jesus Juice.

5. Took sister out to dinner/coffee. And now I have a v. good idea of a story. I missed talking to sister. She is like the Big Panda I always wanted to have. We had a v. nice dinner at an italian place here called Caruso's and then I took her to Starbucks. She was feeling sad because she is broke for the month. But I never fuzz and when I ask you out is because I am asking, and I am not expecting you to pay. :) So, we talked for a long while and we both kind of realized how much we have changed. We have a movie date on Saturday.

6. The poor shmuck -- he called! And he hung up! Yeah. This guy whom was a potential dating dude kept calling me. If there is one thing I hate is the fact that your cel phone signal is weak and don't work. So, I got exasperated when he was all "what?" every other word, so I hung up on him. He called last Friday and in the middle of conversation, he hung up on me. I laughed. I text him saying "You sorry, sorry little man... I laugh at you." and that was the end of that fiasco.

7. I've been worried about my friend, Viddea. He lives in Italy and I was worried that he might have been caught on Earthquake. He has e mailed me. He is doing fine and is horny as ever.

8. I have a very good idea on story about V. It's very wise of me on reading the Alatriste novels. Speaking of, these novels are ROCKING!

9. We are planning to go to Puerto Vallarta in June/July. And by "we" I mean mom, dad, and moi.

10. I can't wait 'till June/July!!! ^_____^

So, tomorrow I start my new school portion of the day. Lucky (or unlucky?) for me, it's only two more months. I have a test on Friday and I have to study... yeap, still no studying. Ha ha ha!!!

Well, this Panda is back on track. Hope you stick around and see what's up in the Panda Fair.


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