And my skeleton rattles...

I presented my work at the MA yesterday. It's funny how once you start talking about religion in a political/social standard, then all of a sudden you're a liar and you'd better get your facts straight, right? This girl who is a hard-core Catholic at the class started bashing the presentation because she said I had no reliable sources. I am sorry, girly, but the book research list was there, you can go and check them out. I am as much an admirer of Mendez Arceo as the next guy, but just because I said he was accused of being a communist and a feminist in Mexico during the 1960's and 1970's is not trashing the guy nor the religion.


I had breakfast with Eidrien today. It was good to see he was doing okay.

WOOOOHOOOO!!! I AM ON SPRING BREAK!!! SWEET SWEET DEAL!!! I plan to sleep late late late, wake up late late late and do ABSOLUTELY nothing for the next 3 days (because I know myself and I'll go coo-coo bananas after that time -- we get two weeks off from school here). Nevertheless, I can always count on my dear mother to set me up with useless appointments that I have no intention on keeping. Thanks Mom!!

I have started with my right foot into this life of potato-couchyness-root-growing extravaganza. I have seen the ENTIRE sex and the city Season 4 chapters (that was yesterday) and the SiM movie... and rented Harry Potter 5, Arrancame la Vida, and two of those japanese horror movies for tonight. Sheah baby!

This panda has found this song and video. Com'on... Chris Cornell has a SEXY voice...


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