I'm so tired of beating myself up... wanna take a trip and MULTIPLY!!

When the world comes to an end, I'll be sure to remember your faces so I won't let you in...

I am tired. Sleepy tired. At first I thought I had the piggie thingie, but then I remembered that being that we live in a very dry place, so the possibilities are slim. It can't be (also) that there has been rumors going on about how this virus is nothing more than a pitiful attempt by the pharmaceutical companies to have more profits (if you can't have war, have a virus or so they say) this year, hence boosting the economy in some twisted fashion. It can't be also that the accountants at the URN messed up so bad that now I have to wait 'till God knows when to pay for the exams and that will not look good. So the only explanation I can find is that I am tired because I had a lousy night's sleep. And the reason for that is that my mother snores like a trucker.

Yes. I have to do something about her snoring. And killing her is not even on the table. So I have to do something or else I might just end-up locked in the loony bin for the rest of my life, blabbering about how there is a monster hidden in my mother's throat that is not letting me sleep.

Other than that --- Things have been pretty much normal.

... well.. maybe that meteor coming from the sky can be reason to detect that some thing's amiss here...

Obama's 100 days in office have been tainted with many misfortunes, don't you think? i mean, he's got economical crisis, health crisis, and a dog that poops on carpet. The other day, while looking at the similarities (cannot remember the talk show for the life of me -- I think it was Jay Leno), I found it funny/amusing the thing about Obama's dog Bo and Vincent... but for the life of me, I cannot remember the joke that made me laugh in the first place. I cannot remember --- AAAH! I remember now! It was at Jay Leno, yes. In the Tonight Show, Jay Leno compared Obama with Lost, the TV Show. And the joke was about the similarities between the two. And in the similarities, he said, "Lost has a dog named Vincent, and Obama has a dog named Bo... AND the REAL name of Bo Jackson is Vincent"... it made me laugh.

... such simpleton things make this panda laugh...


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