Sunday at the Depot

Today I write this to you from the Office Depot somewhere in the city I live in. They have detected two cases of piggie flu (not at depot...) and yes, none of them have to do anything with this panda... so far.

But there is only so much coffee you can drink, really.

No bars, no pools, no kareoke, no movies, no bowling alley, no disco, no nothing that gives this city's proud name of CIUDAD DEL PECADO!!! I mean com on! I know, I know. "Go to church"... but there is so much church this panda can take. Really. I ain't that hard core into church going.

(and I can see a certain tenshi go "Whaaaaaaaaa??")

So, there is only so much coffee I can drink. Sure, I can call one of my cancos and ask them to go and do the boom boom shake shake the room with me --- but then again, even THAT goes old really fast for me. So, here are a few tips you need to do when and if you are stuck in the same lame-ass situation, like me:

1. PLEASE DO NOT CALL YOUR EXes... bad idea. Particularly when you're drunk with boredom and vodka.

2. DO NOT DRINK WINE IN SHOWER... trust me... just... trust me...

3. EVEN IF IT SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD IDEA... DON'T. We get our worse ideas around these times, particularly the ones that later in life we say, "what the heck was I thinking!?"

4. Have porn available... really? Even porn looses it's shinny cover after a while. You start looking at things with the eye of an evil Tarantino director cut...

5. Thinking of getting and STD to brag to friends seems like a good idea at the time... but then again, we return to No. 3...

Speaking of wich, I wanna see Tarantino's new movie. Is it any good? Is the Wolverine movie any good? I want to know your scoop.

With love and kissis


Gossip Panda


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