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Today is Thursday and as it might have it, there is no class today. Tomorrow, my "non-existent" English VIII class will have their final exam.

Yes, "non-existent"

Turns out that the deal they struck with the Dean @ school is non-valid by URN standards. In other words, if they find out in Chihuahua what they did, we would be in a messy pickle. I did not authorize it, tho. This is all my boss man's circus. What happened is that two students flunked (with a capital F) English 7. But if they waited 1 semester to take the class (sorry -- retake the class), they would be held back 1 year. They graduate next December. So, for them they made the exception that they could take the subject and catch up in one semester. Good for them, good for me (because I got paid an extra class, hence I have work). But now turns out that it's a whole mess because I cannot capture their classmate's grades until they either fail or pass the class (this class) so that I can capture their grades as if they took the class along with the rest. So, to the system, they never failed the class...


yeah, I have a "whaaaaaaa???" face too. Particularly when I had to redo the lists so that this could be possible.

ISO-9000 my ass.....


In other parts (not so complicated) I have new art in DeviantART. Check it out.

Once in a While by ~Yuvia on deviantART

The Promise by ~Yuvia on deviantART

Amores Ocultos by ~Yuvia on deviantART

They Too Will Fall by ~Yuvia on deviantART


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