Breakfast in Bed

Today I woke up with a bright, positive attitude, inspite of everything that has been going on around here. So, I wanted breakfast in bed. But not just like - any breakfast in bed. I wanted the whole nine yards. Mexican breakfast in bed -- eggs, bacon, beans, tortillitas, chilito, coffee and newspaper.

Yeah, dream on. That's just what my angel said.

My breakfast in bed for today: tea and watermelon.

It was still breakfast in bed... yet not THE breakfast in bed I wanted.

How come we cannot have the things we want sometimes? Maybe it's the unuverse's way to play a prank on your desires and just tease. Or maybe it's because that's the way we know if we really wanted things in the first place.

See -- we return to ye old saying about the brick walls. They are there for a reason: if you want something and you stumble upon a brick wall, if you really wanted it, you have to work hard to get that thing you want. If you don't want it bad enough, then the brick wall will eventually win and stand.In this case (the breakfast in bed), I could have gotten up (even though it would have been difficult) and made my own damn breakfast (another difficulty). But no. I didn't wanted it bad enough to go through all the trouble, so I settled with the usual mom-loving breakfast.

In life, we have to make choices. Do we want things bad enough? Is it just a spoiled brat's whim? These choices make our character strong -- they make us who we are. We all have dreams and aspirations, and when we complain about not obtaining that dream or goal we have set in life for us, it's because we allowed the brick walls around it to win over our own will. Granted, some brick walls are there to tell us that the road we are taking towards our goal is not the correct one, so we must find another way to obtain it. And some brick walls are made out of flesh and bone.

So -- what was I trying to tell you with all this rambling?

Oh yeah! Never give up!


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