Lalito's B day

Today is one of my dearest friends' B day. Mr Eduardo Varela turns an X ammount of years. Happy B day Lalo (lalovarela.deviantart.com)

I thank also my computer calendar for reminding me of that -- yeah, I have a tefflon brain, what can I say?

So -- yesterday was the season finale of my two favorite TV shows: Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy. O though I cannot say where the fuck PP is going now, I can say that GA has opened a new set of worms that can easily be transcripted into two seasons more. PP -- you're good, but you've dealt most of your cards right about now.

My mother, however, has become a mega-fan of House M.D.

-- I did not watch the MJ funeral. I mean, what a freak show that is! If I wanted to see the circus, I would WALK to my nearest one!

Tomorrow there is this big presentation I have to do for the CEO of the school. I only hope that I get enough attention to get my dept. some earphones so we can have a some what decent English lab. Yeah! We're teaching English to ESL students with no AUDIO lab. How F-ed up is that? (and no, you do not get to tell me that somewhere in a poor country school in Bangladesh they do not have an idea of what an Audio lab is because things in the most important borderland in Mexico are different than in the Bangladeshian jungle... Hah! I made a new word! Bangladeshian!)


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