It's summertime, ladies and gentlemen

I am finally done with lists. Now, all I have to do is make sure that we have deposited the money for the TKT exams and I AM DONE!! ^_____^

This weekend was extra fun! It all started with me and my friends going to see the Harry Potter 6 movie premiere. I was the only one (THE ONLY ONE!!) wearing my witchy hat. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!! IT'S THE HARRY POTTER PREMIERE!!! You should be wearing your witchy hats!! GAWDS!!! Anyho, the movie ROCKED and we had a blast, even though the movie theatre was so packed that we had to sit on the stairs, hence blocking the emergency exit hahahahahaha!!! But the movie was great. I loved when Adi (my friend's Suky sister) was so spooked with Aragog's dead corpse. That was funny! ^__^

Then, the next day, me and my sister and her hubby went to check out the movie. This has a story behind it. Turns out that in the original plan, it was to be me and the sis going to the premiere. But the hubby (tag along as he is) decided that he wanted to go. But not to the premiere... 'cause he works. So screw the two mega fans who wanted to go to premiere, right? He said "we're going on Friday". Well, the tickets were SOLD out for the IMAX showing on Friday. We ended-up going to the VIP movie section (poor us, right?!). Sis and me were, ga-ga gooing over Mr. Snape. And then there was the annoying as HELL American bastard sitting next to me. It came to a point where I turned to him and said "If you don't shut the fuck up, I SWEAR I'll go all SLYTHERIN on your ASS!!" (exact quote and words)

Saturday came and I wanted to go to Starbucks. It had been a while since I've gone, so I packed-up mah laptop to download stuff while I was there and went. Holy crap! Sure glad I did! They had their 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY party going on!!!! ^_____^ And you know what that means: FREEBIES!!! I got to taste their new stuff -- FOR FREE! There was cool music, and me and this cool guy started talking and talked for over three hours! His name is Eric. HI ERIC!!!!

Bad news: I lost my cellphone. LG. Black. No camera, no microphone, no bluetooth, no mp3player, no video... just a plain old phone. It was more the sentimental value of this phone than anything else... if you see it, tell it I miss it.

Sunday: Me and the niece went to see Cinderella at the local theathre. It was HILARIOUSLY funny!!!! We had a very good time while watching it. And it almost turned in to a riot too, for there were a lot of people outside and they let us wait to get in for about two hours! Good thing that we were inside the premises and not out, like, in the sun out? Or else it would me L.A. 90's riots all over, with Cinderella and Snow White kids flying through the air.

....... o though, that would have been quite the show, mind you.

Mexico won 4-0 at soccer. It was held at the NEW Texas Stadium... against who? Well, as my father so blissfully pointed out, "Who cares? The important thing is that they won, who cares who the rival was!!!" (Haiti).


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