The 10-Thing Quickie

1. I want a cell phone. And if it was such a thing as a Panda Cellphone I would want that one. I thought this Hello Kitty dressed as a Panda was C.A.H. (Cute as Hell)

2. Planning on sending Daddy out on vacation so that me and mom have some vacation time of our own. Right now the candidates are Mazatlan, Vallarta, and San Carlos.

3. Helping a v. cute co-worker look for cradles. I told him where to look, why is he still here? o___O

4. Planning on having a 3-cheese panini today. It's Thursday.

5. Mom is madly in love with Dr. House.

6. I made it to Cuba in Mafia Wars. I am such a nerd.

7. Have done new art for DeviantART. I think I'm getting better at using photoshop for my own benefit.

8. I started a podcast. It's mostly the blog, but spoken.

9. Mexico plays against Costa Rica today. I am NOT looking forward to it, I just thought you should know.

10. I miss the Tenshi.


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