1st Day of Vacations... and I couldn't get away!

Yes. My first day of vacations and I was summoned by the dark forces back to school for a small yet unnecessary briefing in which (a) I got to sign in for the rest of the month and (b) they told me to do things that are already done.

Daddy is going on a trip, paid for by moi. I wanted to send him somewhere since last year, but couldn't (I was poor). This yeear, however, his luck has changed and he leaves on Thursday (it's not that I am no longer poor, but I could pay for the trip along the year, so yeeeey!)

Still, no phone :(

I wrap this up rather quickly and hope that my head can come up with something more interesting than the fact that it seems that my principal can't be at peace without seeing me at least once a day.

Fiddle crackers!!!


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