Mom and Dr House

Well, yesterday my father went on his yearly vacation, leaving me and mom as happy as dancing elves on the forest because we can basically do whatever we want.

But, we got cable disc yesterday.

My mom was kind of freaking out because of it. Why? Because we wouldn't get to see our now week-long tv show, Dr House. My mother and i have become quite the adicts to this program and like the tv junkies that we are, we couldn't get by without our daily "fix". After a five-minute delay of thinking, she turns to me (v seriously) and says "can we rent it?"

Yes, we can.

and yes, we did.

So, yesterday we got our fix by watching the next chapter in the House drama. We don't want to watch the rest of it since we have decided to go on by the daily dosage. When we get cable back, we'll be as good as new.

I paid cable today, so I think that by monday we'll be back on track. And Dr House wouldn't have even missed us.



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