An update on things

Well, live from what is ought to be a cool psyche class, I update this blog. Not much has been going on... no wait... it has!

1. Daddy went on vacations to San Carlos. Brought me Coyotas (mmmmm coyotas....) and a keychain. He had a good time. Came back all bronceadito and all -- I'm happy.

2. Since Daddy went on vacations, mommy went to her bf's home and left me alone. Suky and David came over. Made spaguetthi and tinga and watched Marie Antoinette. I liked it very much. Then, I played videogames all night, both Friday and Saturday. On sunday I made pancakes... yet, no porn. WHICH REMINDS ME! -- The gay porn I was missing? It appeared inside the CD case of "Traditional Greek music"... LOL!!!!

3. Sister and her clan went on vacations last wednesday to Puerto Vallarta. They're probably having a blast right about now. I hope they bring me a postcard like I asked her to. But since she is not there, I went to her house and took out the drawings I've been wanting to have for a LOOOOONG time and SCANNED THEM. Plan to make them prutty. I really like one image of me and Ion. I think it's cute.

4. Had my statistics exam yesterday. Believe me, I think I have invented a new way to flunk a test. (at least I'm proactive!)

5. I don't know what's wrong with Mikuni's left hand-paw. Need to check for medications available. But it's her own damn fault! She keeps acting crazy every time she goes outside!... I think it's because she eats the sabila plant like there was no tomorrow. Poor plant. (AH! Just remembered what we gave as pain management! ETOROLACO!!!)

6. Went to El Paso. Got Mikuni "the good stuff" for food -- and got myself new pants and shirts. Wondering what do they put inside those Sonic burgers that make them sooo yummy... I think it's crack.


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