The Nail Dilemma

I have long nails now. I decided to "take the plunge" into girly land and thus, i have long nails that are okay except for the fact that they are avoiding my speed in typing. I type like the new born baby jiraffe... or like any kind of jiraffe, because it's a well-know documented fact that jiraffes cannot use a laptop.

Sister went on vacation, which means that we went to her home to clean. She is such a pig! I swear! But the prize was that I could scan images that I've been wanting to scan and that I could take a peek at the comic she's been doing (and promising to me) for the last five months or so. My only hope is that she wants me to have them for birthday... 3 weeks away and counting.

BTW -- I want a party. With tiki torches and everything.



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