New Semester

A new semester is upon us. New students, new schedules, new everything. I find it very exciting but at the same time in fear of what "same old bullshit" is to come. Lots of things have come my way, some good, some bad, some I still can't quite know what the heck are they. But one thing I know is that life moves on and we have to be here to "take the ride"

So...TKT. According to what I have been told by the people who are coming to certify, (BTW, I haven't send in the info they asked for! BAD PANDA!!) it's the first time they come to Juarez. So, this is a big thing! They're very excited about it and apparently I'm the only one who got as excited about it around here -- but that's juts because the squirrel is not around. He would be happy. I need someone to get happy with me!!!

SIGH! I miss La Tenshi!

Birthday is coming soon. I accept gifts.

or candy... or at least a hollah!


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