1st Day --- sh boom!

So, after a month or so of vacations, we have started yet another school year. My niece and nephew have gone to school. And it's funny because my niece's mom (my sister) was buying for school supplies and looking at backpacks with tinkerbell and disney princesses... and my niece is now in to Rock Camp and Highschool musical. Big Zac Effron fan. She's growing up and this took my sis by surprise. Sophia is into BOYS now.

Morning class went as smoothly as can be expected for a first day. I have an English 7 group and an English 1 group. Smooth! I'll get a little more moolah. I still have to talk to Paul. Not good. He is one of those teachers who prays to himself sometimes so... have to let him go for 1 semester. cry cry cry.


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