Life could be a Dream...

It has all been good thus far. I've managed to get 15 people in each of the afternoon levels so that means that things might be looking bright. 'xcept for the fact of angry kiddy-like teacher who gives a lame-ass class of illustration. See, we're all friends here; sometimes there is a teacher giving a class at the computer lab and we all keep quiet and stuff and do not disturb and we don't mind he company but this lam-o teacher (that shall be his nick name Mr. Lame-O) insists that the presence of other teachers there - distracts him. First of all, we are all quiet and not even in the same room. Secondly, we don't even pay attention to what he is teaching. So he's either nervous about something or he's just lame. As far as I can tell, he's giving students work he's charging clients for and getting all the credit. Tell me, is that "professional"?

Life could be a dream and this guy could get a clue. No one is there to point fingers at HIM and we're not going to rat his ass about what he's doing BUT if he keeps picking the bone and poking, we might just forget all about it and screw him over.


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