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Yes, yes, you are allowed to sing Happy B Day to yourself.

September 1st is obviously a big deal in my world, mostly because I was born. And, let's face it, there would be no me without...me.

For this reason, I have given my students the day off. No class with miss Rainy, 'xcept for the 8 o clock class because they were already here and to not give them class would be just plain mean...

They are taking the writing class... and hating every step of the way. How come as writers we want people to enjoy writing as much as we do? I guess is the same strange mechanism that drives people to continue making movies starring Nicholas Cage...

I have found a new enjoyable way to enjoy INTERNET that does not involve porn: iheartradio.com... 3600+ radio stations with no commercials that play GOOD music. Right now me and David are listening to the Classic Rock station and thus far, Memphis ROCK 103 gets FIVE STARS!!!!

This morning I heart a funny bit on KALQ about the drunken adventures of Al Gore... I tells you, if I find it around I shall post and share the laughs.


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