The name game

I am at my psyche class -- The teacher who came last two weeks was a far better teacher than this clown! This is boring! He keeps talking about his own research and does not allow us to expose our own state of mind. What this clown does not know is that we're all in cahoots with each other: we want the other teacher. He actually TEACHES Psyche in education.

Yesterday was a very hectic day. The books have arrived and now starts the circus of getting students to buy their book. I feel like a mobster threatening lives for this book... or in this case, GRADES. I threaten students with grades... Yes, I know.

There was also the Cambridge course on Independent Learning to which i asked (I do not want to say "TOLD" because that would sound more like a lame-ass dictator) my teachers to go. Who went? Miss Carmen... when the course was over. So basically, no one got there. Sad part was that it seemed that everyone forgot about it. Okay, so next time I'll TELL them and make them sign their soul in blood to me. I don't want to go all Satan here, but it seems that this is the way I have to do this.

I am sleepy... and in the mood for fatties..mmmmmmmmm


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