I (HEART) Friday

There is a fine line between Thursdays and Fridays and that line is the downloading of favorite shows.

Today is Friday, hence I get to download Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural for my viewing enjoyment. And I cannot wait 'till tomorrow because I am saving the viewing of G.A. for tomorrow's TOEFL test -- 4 hours of students bitching and moaning about how they are not getting the "fair part of the deal". Yes, it happens every year and every year I think the next batch of students are going to "get it" and they are going to be "grown up" about it... sadly, I am usually WRONG.

Like today, for example. Last day to do the practice drills. I call my M.A. teacher to tell him I will not be in class early because these people need their TOEFL practice. Out of 25 students, only 4 showed up. And tomorrow? Well, tomorrow will be another day and the 25 will come to the test and will surely be all crying about it. The thing is that I will be extra tough on these kids, as they will - for sure - try to slither their way on to a high score. I know my mafia.

Speaking of mafia -- I have made it to Moscow on Mafia Wars.

Today we also had this get together at the university and had burgers. Which was a good thing, as I had nothing to go home to 'xcept for the fries! Yes! I had burgers at school and then went home and ate the fries! With cheese!!! While watching SUPERNATURAL!!! I love CAS!!

He looks with a miserable look on his face as Dean is trying to get him laid... QUE CUTE!!!


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