New Look!

I have a new look in the blog. What do you think? I guess that the season calls for new looks and new waves. Sanhaim is close. The welcoming of the changing of the season and the rebirth of a new spirit. A season when the dead come out to party and we are reminded of how precious and beautiful life is.

So, this is the new look for the mind of the panda... and I hope that you all can begin to enjoy it.

In the meantime, I would like to say Thank You Goddess!! For the use of the Snip It tool in my laptop... isn't Sam and Castiel just TOO CUTE? These pics are taken from the Supernatural Episode "The End" from Season 5. Enjoy

Sam as Lucifer in Supernatural. I like the dialog between him and Dean, when he tells him about how he fell from grace. I think that Lucifer might have a point here... I mean, if it came down to being me instead of him, I think I would most def. see his PoV.

Oooh! this is Castiel as a human! Dean got thrown into the future by Zachariah and in this time slot of the future, Castiel turned human and has gone in a spiral of boose, drugs, and chicks. I love what Dean said to him later, about him not wanting Cas to change... and the look in Castiel's eye --- I mean, you can tell that he _knows_ something... but he just won't share with Dean -- YET. Supernatural has turned into a great watch and a good source of inspiration to a writer like me. I love Cas (Misha Collins) as a character!

Next Saturday is the Teaching Knowledge Test --- TEST. I am very nervous for this test, mostly because of all the pre-planning that has been taking over my life for the past three years and now it seems that we're almost out of the woods. I can just hear the cynics though... Yet, I know we'll do just fine and great. I have faith in my teachers!!!

Speaking of -- I got my results for Statistics and Psychology class. I am taking the Master's Degree in Education and this is my second trimester. I have an 80 in the fist one and a 100 score on the second one, which allows me to continue to have my scholarship for now. To tell the truth, I am quite shocked that I got the 80 in Stat. since I know something close to NOTHING of the subject: I've never been too good at math and this was no exception to the rule. I cannot understand, for the life of me, how in the world to use my brain in the subject. Psyche, on the other hand, is a subject I am most def. fond of.

Green Bay and Vikings. My heart is breaking! I am 100% a Packer Girl, but I cannot help but to cheer for Mr. Favre now that I know the whole sha-bang of the story! I mean, if I was in his shoes, I would probably do the same thing he did... and now they are 20 - 30 in the last quarter and probably Favre is on his way to hold yet ANOTHER record: being the ONLY quarterback in the NFL to BEAT EVERY TEAM...

O thought, I know there are some packer fans who are not taking the news as gracefully as I am...but what can you do, right?


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