Packers n Dr Tran

Welcome to yet another installment of this blog, brought to you by yummy tacos that they sell on the corner of my home.

This week: 16 de Septiembre. We have no school. Yes, oh yes! Half a week of work!

Over the weekend we had the Office Reunion Special. All we were missing was Tenshi. We even had a semi-guest appearance by Cheque via phone. We didn't answer -- he wanted someone to pick him up. He works now... yes, that's correct. No type-o. He ACTUALLY works...

To see the guys was good in many, MANY ways. But father was right when he told me that now we can talk about the past, and laugh as we have memories to remember. Think of how bad it would have been if I stayed 100% in vet school. I mean, true that I would have other memories, but I bet my ass that they wouldn't have been as exciting or wacked-up as the ones I have right now. I have definitely missed the guys and hope to see them again soon. More info on this reunion (and the after party) at my personal journal, placed on top of my mantle.

NFL season begun.. WOOOOT!!! PACKERS WON!!! IN YO' FACE BEARS!!!

And, during the Office party, I was introduced... to Dr TRAN!!!



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