My Person's B Day Is Today!


Angie is my best friend... she's actually kind of busy now, working her ass off for her MA... but I hope that maybe next week I can take her out for dinner since she took me and all -- Love ya angie!!

This week is crazy b day week. Joel's b day was on the 8th, then it's Angie's, then it's Eidrien's on the 11th. It was said that we might throw a party on the 12th, but things are looking cloudy on my end (as I am left penniless after paying all that I owe) and can only afford next week on the 15th a get-together partee.

I wish there was a way to make students learn English by just tapping them in the head... or by spanking them! Wouldn't that be awesome? The more you spanked, the more English the student learned! Of course, you would get into all sorts of legal issues and stuff -- but the important thing is that they are learning!!! ^____^ That would make me ubber happy!!


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