Download Frenzy Friday

As every Friday, I am here, trying to download the new episodes of Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and Supernatural, in spite of my sister's on-going mocking of my satisfaction towards the first two shows. I have been reading that the character of Izzie will be getting out of the show. Good. I think that the character should have died last season instead of George.

I have a very real, very hard problem to deal. I have no money to pay for the M.A. And what's worse, I have a debt that can possibly cover here 'till the end of my life... As for the TKT teacher's ordeal, I fear that the solution I have for her will not satisfy her... o thought, it should. I mean, she's gonna get the test PLUS the other 2 modules for free. What's the big deal and bargain of that, right?

I am still at a stand-still on my writing. It's like, I WANT to write, but then I get sucked into REALITY TRASH land and I can't help it. It's like a leprechaun who taunts me with goody reality TV like Rock of Love and Charm School, and all that yummy trash that gets fed to my brains via the tube. I like TV. There is nothing wrong with that, is there? My angel keeps insisting that it is when I allow it to take control of my creative bone like this, but then he shuts his pipe when the commercials are over.

As I shuffle between songs -- between the Beatles and Creedence and the occasional Kid Rock, I can't help but to wonder about what the years have made of me. It's rather confusing, to get into the philosophical debate with myself when all I can ponder is if I had done stuff different how different my life would be. I cannot complain. I love my friends, I love my life, but there is something deep inside me that tells me that there is more to life than this. There is more out there, at least for me. Can anyone relate? I bet all human being feel like that at some point in their life. Us Pandas? We do not know how to deal with it. We feel it so rarely.

Yesterday, after years and years of looking and searching and pondering brains for it, I finally found a song that I was looking for since I first heard it on those free CDs that an anime magazine hands out. The song -- a Japanese song I did now know who sang it, what was it called and what series it belonged to. All I knew was that I loved it and that it was upbeat. And yesterday I finally found it. It's a song called "Six Colors Boy", sung by Akiko Hanagata, and it belongs to the Crayon Shin Chan series. I could not find a better quality sound but now that I know more details about it, I can search for it on Taringa or other search engines...

^_____^ That made me very happy.

46% of files downloaded... Com'on! Two hours for download to be completed?! How slow is the net today!

Next episode of Supernatural promises to be funny and good...

And of course, we have not to overlook castiel... I have become one of Misha's Minions over the days.. and I must say, if I loved the character, I ADORE the actor!

I'll be back. Gonna go to cafeteria to buy Chimichangas...

Chimichangas == Chip's Verdes with Valentina salsa and Orange Fanta Zero... NOTE: Fanta Zero DOES NOT TASTE AS GOOD AS REAL FANTA!!!

..... and my stupid student showed up. I'm sorry. I shouldn't call students "stupid" even though they are. The bad part of this student in particular is that the actually flunked the English I class because he never showed up to class... and now he's taking the remedial class and NOW he's all responsible and stuff...

It's because I have absolutely no GANAS of giving a class... how fucked-up is that?

......... and I still have to talk to the Head Dean about the M.A. deal. God Save the Geeks!


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