The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

A cortar de tajo lo que no sirve y echarle ganas.....:):):)......tres reglas básicas: no es personal, cada uno responsable de sus sentimientos, y la vida no es justa

This sentence means Cut from the root all that is non-useful and keep going... three basic rules: it's not personal, each is responsable for their own actions, and life ain't fair. This has been placed on a dear friend's FB account and it made me feel a little better about the insanity that has been going on.

Let me start from the beginning.

TKT test came and went as scheduled on Saturday the 10th. There was 1 teacher whose exam was not there. Now, maybe it was a mistake from my part, maybe it was a mistake on the capturing of the exams... but the problem is that she wasn't there, in paper. In person, she was. And I completely understand why she would be mad as hell. The problem can be solved. She can take the test in January or March (still pending on what the IHouse situation is) and such... but I still have this nagging feeling about it. True, every nagging feeling I've been having has been proven WRONG every time, and I just hope this time is no exception. I have to confide in my angel, who has never left me to die alone. Right?


The test, however, was easy. I'm sure I got a lot wrong in module I as I was confused about this teacher situation and lost my focus... but I think that I have a good shot of passing. I hope we get the results soon... and I hope that this teacher situation gets solved through the smooth way. I doubt it, but there is no false alarm in hoping about it, right?

Pooh! I didn't win the Jose Revueltas prize... I shall try again...

I still have one more contest in writing to look forward to, though. And just because I didn't win this one, doesn't mean that the stuff I write is not good.

Tomorrow will be another day, when less stuff that's related to "bad luck" will be going on...

today has been.... okay


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