Back in the URN-R?

I wanted to sing that Beatles' song, "Back to the USSR" but the school is NOT the USSR, even though they would like to think they are...

I have been home, sick as a dog, for the past 5 days... no, wait... 4. My ass has been poked with antibiotics that made me itchy all over and I have been drinking tea and pills 'till I couldn't take it no more. I still have a stuffy nose and cough, but I feel better at work that I do at home since at work at least I have something to distract me from whatever it is I have incubating inside (i.e. Mafia Wars)

I have made my sister addicted to Mafia Wars.

Last thursday's Supernatural episode was killer! At last, Gabriel was portrayed not as the bitter bitch that he/she is, but as a prankster who's just too chicken to face the music. I kind of liked that... as well as the fact that Dean is a Grey's Anatomy's fan.

So, back at work, back on the saddle, and let's see where the road takes me this time.


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