November is my favorite time of the year. I can't quite tell why. I think that maybe it's because I lived some intense moments during this month that just makes it so special. So, I hope this November is filled with excitement.

Thus far, it has. Even though there was no Day of the Dead altars this year brought to you by moi, I still have to take my hat off to miss Erika, whom bravely did what no other has done and that's take on the bull by the horns and just do the altar. One misly altar that just spoke volumes to everyone, as if saying "see, bitches? If you want to, you can...". I was preocupied with my mocos though. I have lotz of them.

The Day of the Dead at the UACJ, however, was another thing. This year, even though the ammount of people was lower (and I take into consideration that there have been over 2000 deaths over the past year) it was still a pretty darn good one. The altars where better than last year's (my favorite one was the Villa altar, which included an old saddle and old posters from the day -- or at least they looked the part). We ate enchiladas, tamales, champurrado, gorditas, papas, candy, and even had some tripitas. It was good.

At school, the buzz has been more or less of annoyance. It all began last week, when my boss told us that the university was not except to the fact that maybe it was gonna have another close down due to sanitary issues with H1N1. Since it's November-December, most students pay for their classes and most classes are almost done and over, but if we close the school (for whatever sanitary reason), students might be tempted not to pay their tuitions and teachers might be tempted not to finish classes. Therefore, the University's Dean asked if we could do an on-line platform to upload classes. As they were telling me this, I just said "oh, like the one English has?" Mr Squirrel (who is the head of the promotions dept) looked at me with his crazy-squirrel eyes and asked what the heck I was talking about. I told him that the English dept. had been working with an on-line platform and data base for over a semester now and that we happily had told the other teachers to join, but none did. So, talking to my boss-boss, it was decided that I was going to put together a web for the other teachers and that I was going to tell them how to use it. Well, butter my ass and call me a bisquit! For me it was sort of flattering that they ask me to do this for the university (MAJOR points here as I want to aim at the Head Coordinator job in Chihuahua) but not for some of the staff, who not only are refusing to cope with it, but are already gossping about how I stole other teacher's ideas? WTF? First of all, people, I don't NEED to STEAL your F-ing ideas, I can come up with my own. And second? If you had this idea in the first place, why didn't you say anything? Don't get all pissy at me because you were so chicken-shit not to say anything, okay?

The web design is coming along nicely. Somehow I think it's going to be a success and it's gonna earn me big-ass points with the big kahoona... we shall see.

As for TKT? I am nervous. The results are coming in next week. And I am dying to know what happened. It's like a juicy soap opera you just are dying to know about!

Participating in NaNoWriMo again! Yeeey!!!

I have to go downstairs now. I wish I could just take the pc with me, but, alas, I have no battery. ^_____^



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