J-Town and my Car

Well... just like a very cheesy american movie, the FBI arrived to Juareztown some hours ago... some say days, but I want to believe in the shorter ammount of time. I'll say hours.

For years now, J-town has been vandalized by heartless criminals and no one turned their eye. Drug wars, it's Mexico's problem. Yeah, Mexico's problem. But who remembers J-town in the sixties, the seventies and the eighties, when all the Chuco dealers would come here to settle their business? How about them cowboys? We all seem to forget that all the chuco kids would come to J-town, do their desmadre, and go back to good old mommy and daddy.

Now, the FBI is here because they killed a couple of people from the consulate when a couple of months ago, when kids got shot at a party they said it was not their problem. Now is their problem. Rich people are involved --- I'm sorry, rich American people.

I do not live in the US. I love and live in Juareztown. The city who gave birth to the burrito and - some say - the Margarita over at the Kentucky Bar. I live and love J-town and I plan to say, even after I die.

In lighter news...

I started to get my car's papers in order. It was a fine day to go out and just be me and my baby. We went to get drivers license (Finally! I don't look like a convicted fellon in this one; I actually look good!!!) and then we went to see about the plaques. I think that if all goes well my baby will have his plaques ready by the end of the month. I'll keep you updated.

Then, since we were already out, I took a look at that car and said, "I know -- I owe you a spa!" and there we went. We got to the car-spa and he got "the works". He is all pretty now... even smells like shampoo... and you know what they say that when you wash your car it even seems to run faster? It's all true, man!!!



Que chingón blog tienes. Viví en El Paso por 8 años y muchos de mis amigos y familia son de J-town.

Regreso después a visitarte con calma.

Miss Panda

Gracias por el comentario!! Bienvenido al Blog y saludos desde J-TOWN!!!

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