Retro Class

Even though tomorrow I don't have a day off (I still have to come), I am very happy because it's friday.

School was okay... no, wait. They promised hot-dogs and there was no hot-dogs in sight. So what gives? Now we're all out of hot dogs.. Oh! And then there is the RETRO class...

I found some transparency films that I could use for my creative writing class. So, I get all excited and giddy and stop by the main office to pick up a projector for these films. I told Carmelita, "Carmelita, today I'm gonna ask you for something few people ask nowadays!" she looks at me funny and says, "A projector?" Yes! She then points to the 3 projectors this school has. One has a BIG banner that says "Does not Work!" The other two even had spider webs on them! One did not work. The third one was okay, so I take this one to my class. First thing that comes out of  Mr. Mauricio (one of my students) is:

"What is this? Is it a retro class?"
Me: Nooo
Mauricio: ... why a projector then? Didn't they have canons?
Me: Yes, they had power point canons, but I need the projector because I'm going to show you something...

Everyone was looking at me as if I was as old as dinosaurs. Then came to mind a time when I took some of these transparencies in color and I was the oooooh!! wonder!!! Yeah, that was five years ago.

Five years! Has technology really advanced that much in five years??!! o.O


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