One Year has Gone By....


One  year has gone by since Michael Jackson died...and I can still say that I loved his music. At one point in my life I wanted to marry him... and yes, I am full aware of all his personal stuff.. but you just gotta love the artist.

This is probably my favorite song of his. Smooth Criminal... and even if Alien Ant Farm did a cover, it wasn't as good as the original one. This clip is from the movie This is It... yes, I did go to the movie theatre to see it... I actually went with my father and we got tickets to see it at the IMAX movie theatre in Juarez. It was full of people, all of us singing and cheering as if we were in a real concert. At the end of the movie, we clapped, wooooed and whistled. Go MJ!

One year.... man! Time flies....


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