30 Days of Truth... Day Seven

I promise this is the last time I change this blog's clothes...it's just that each time more and more cute templates come out!!! Plus, I added SNOW!!! Move your mouse, the snow follows you!!! :D

Today is Turkey Day... I will not call it thanksgiving because I live in Mexico and in Mexico is Turkey Day... for reals! You can see the adds in stores... "Dia del Pavo" as if turkey was so important, it needs its own day... yes, you are a turkey, today is your day and what do we do on your day? We have a parade for you, we have several of your cousins on TV, we watch football and then we eat you, you yummy turkey!!!

I am already looking for some recepies for the turkey on Christmas... or should I say "for Christmas"? Because even if I am not Christian nor practice Catholisism, my family does. So, I will cook the dinner BUT I also want to do a yule log. I want so many things --- but most importantly, I am happy to say that at least MY season of Season songs has begun!! :D I do love the christmas songs! :D Today, my angel woke me up with Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer on the radio and as if he wanted me to keep in bed listening to songs, all my favorites came on... XD Thank you Kalavan!

So, we come to face day seven on my thirty days of truth.... I know, I'm taking my own sweet time with these, but trust me, I will go through with 30 days of truth... and then some.. jajajajajaja!!!

Some people have asked me why did I erase the "Into the Mind of a Panda" blog. Well, I figure, I will have all my thoughts and things in one blog. I am, after all, panda, writer, teacher, friend, and lunatic all in one fluffy being. So shall be mah blog. Besides, it's fun.

Okay, on to day six... or seven? Yeah! day Seven!

Someone who has made your life worth living for.
My cat... LOL!!! I kid, I kid... I think that everyone I meet has made my life worth living for at one point or another. I cannot really say who is who in my list, but I can assure that every single person who has ever come across my path has a place in my life. Whether is good or bad, well, that's really up to the person and how they treat me... 
Maybe it's because I am still to find that "special someone" who makes my heart go tick-tock and gives me reasons to believe in true love and romance. Who knows! All I know is that i enjoy living in the here and now, and I love having all those wonderful people enjoying the ride along with me. 



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