30 Days of Truth... Day 14 (Falling out of Bed day)

Today I woke up because once again, I was falling out of bed. Only this time, I actually woke in the middle of the falling, so I do hurt. It was funny, though. I started thinking that all the stuff that never happened to me as a kid happened this year. Falling out of bed was one of them... but if I had to make a TOP 5, falling out of bed wouldn't be No. 1. Probably a close 2nd, but not No. 1 So, in this inspiration, I will prepare a TOP 5 THINGS THAT HAPPENED TO RAINY THIS YEAR THAT HAD NOT HAPPENED TO HER DURING HER THIRTY-SOMETHING YEARS OF LIFE. I think you would be surprised at the list... or disgusted, I can't figure it out.

I am downloading a new project now. Downloading Cardcaptor Sakura. I thought there were more episodes! No, only 70 of them! :D That means I could probably download them before I leave on Christmas vacation, yeeey!!! I was gonna do the same for Sailor Moon, but that's just too greedy of me... is it? coz I could probably just donwload the movies... I am such a geek! (yes, but a cute one!!)

So yesterday, I posted day 13 of 30 Days of truth... today is day 14.. and it's kind of a tough one... coz to this day, my hero hasn't let me down.

Day 14
A hero that has let you down.

As I've stated above, my hero - my mother - has not let me down. She is a super awesome lady... who sometimes can be a little cookie, but all the stuff she did, not only for me and my sister, but for everyone around her.... and the fact that she is hearing-impaired, that makes her my extra-superduper hero. I wish I could do half of the stuff she did. But, this hero has not let me down. My father, on the other hand, was my childhood hero and little by little, his deeds started to let me down to the point in which that he ceased to be my hero alltogether. Maybe he did what all father does, and loved me and my sister, and at a time he did loved my mother, but there are things said and done that cannot be erased as easily. 

So, mommy hero... still there. Daddy hero? Not so much. I love them both 


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