30 Days of Truth... Day 13...

Oh how marvelous that the weekend came and how marvelous that everything is running smoothly again. I just hope that this streak of good luck continues and that the Powers that Be still continue to be by my side.

Now, let us continue through the journey that is the 30 days of truth...

Day 13
A Band or Artist that has Gotten You Through some Tough Ass Days

I feel sort of juvenile writing a letter to my band... so I'll just explain why this band has gotten me through some of the toughest things in my life.

Most of the people who know me would think, "oh yeah, she's gonna say why the Beatles are so great..." and yes, even though I am a beatles fan, I have to admit, they are not the ones who have gotten me through the rough parts of this life of mine. The one band that has achieved that is none other than the great 80's glam slam band... Poison.

Through thick and thin, Poison's songs have brought me back from the land of the dark. Whenever I feel down or whenever a big problem is making me lose sleep, all I do is put my mp3 on and lay me some Poison... songs like Stay Alive, Cry Tough, Ride the Wind, and Life Loves a Tragedy have made me stronger in adverse times. For a broken heart (or when I remember that someone who has gone away), I heal it with Life goes on or I won't Forget You...and for those days when I like to drive my car and pump up the volume to remind me of who I am and to feel free as an eagle, I like to listen to Nothing but a good time, Tragically Unhip or Let it Play... So, Poison has seen me through some tough situations.. and has made me feel good about things that go on in my life.

For that reason, here are some samples of their songs. Maybe the links to Youtube will fall over time... but the songs... they'll live on forever.


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