The Wise words of a good friend

Today I trully thanked my angel again, for he has spoken through the lips and words of a good friend -- "they don't need to know". By this time tomorrow I will be relieved that all the nightmarish shinannigans is over and maybe one day --- a far, far away day, I will spill the overall madness that has been this TKT endevour. For now, let me just relax and take in whatever will come.

After all, it's only kinky the first time out!

To know that I have been taken under consideration for non-stop classes is good. I mean, I thought there wasn't gonna be anything from January to February but I came to find out that I will be taking over a class in January, thus my income will be continuing to flow during the harsh winter shades and storms. That makes  me sort of happy, because that means that they still want me around here. Now, the true question is, do I still want to be around here?

Truth be told, I miss being around in the morning. I think I'm getting lazy. And I just remembered I have to do something so I better get this done quickly!!! OMG!!!

Something you never get compliments on.
... Interesting question, because I usually get compliments (even one) on every aspect of my life... even my wardrove gets compliments once in a while! :D At home! Yes! I never get compliments at home when I get off the couch and clean the entire house! It even smells like lemony scent and nothing! My cat doesn't even say a Miau-thanks! Heck! When I clean her litter box? Nada! No thanks from her behalf!!



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