Imagine... Imagine that!

Yesterday.... was the 30th (?) anniversary of the passing of John Lennon... I think that this has been one of the few moments in which I had seen my father cried. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking, because I have a swiss cheese brain.

Today, I gave the award of the best guardian angel of the year to Kal and Raz. I mean, they earned it! After what has been nothing but problems, finally the right track seems to be getting under way. I thank both these wonderful creatures that decided to take me under their wing! Thank you! Thank you!!

My niece is very excited about her birthday party next weekend. She even said that my party candy bags were awesome and was very impressed by them. I have to admit, it felt very good.... Not so good as she implieed that her mother (my sister) didn't know how to make them -- that felt a little bad because I didn't mean to make sis feel bad... Sorry sis!!! Next time, I'll teach you!

Something people seem to compliment you the most on.
I think that people seem to compliment me the most on my work efforts and skills. I often hear how wonderful I handle my department, how great that I got this or that going for English, or how good I am with students. I am also very complimented with my creativity inside and outside the classroom. I think that in everything we do in life, creativity is the No. 1 ingredient, followed closely by passion for what you do. 

Not too shabby for a Panda with no opposable thumbs! :D 


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