Happy New 2011 -- Out with the Old, in with The New

A new year bring us a world of joy and perespectives. It's like opening a new christmas present and during a second or two you are so excited because you might be getting that new pony you asked Santa for. This year, I decided I will keep asking for the pony... maybe I'll get it one day.

Amongst the things that I will be getting is the fact that the internet faery will be going to my home before the month is over. That makes me ubber happy. That means I could download porn at will... so, start sending them pages! jajajajajajja It also means I can keep this journal nice and tidy, no more begging for internet scraps at school!!! :D

I got a new converter box over the holidaze.
My mother and father are still getting used to it, but they both agree that it's "prutty". My dad even got the sparkle-sparkle in his eye when he saw this football over with the HD thingie and all. Next on my agenda is paying my car's total dept. For that, I shall need to get in touch with the people who have my car's paperworks and I need to make a deal so I can pay little by little... I am sure I can pay it over before March, given the opportunity.

I am done with my debt with IUSACELL... This is very good. I am slowly getting my ass out of the debt hole and I must say, I feel somewhat releived that this is over and done with. But, again, I still have my car to worry about, so  untill THAT is over and done, I will still drive very carefully! jajajaja! I don't want any transito coming over and telling me that I have to "hand ovah the car".

This year I have limited my wish list to three things. (1) Travel more. (2) Be more Health Wise and (3) Have Fun. Now, if you look at these three things, it basically covers everything one should do in orded to be happy. I have embraced my pagan status and now I am at peace with myself. Now, I think I am ready to enjoy whatever life comes and brings me as a joyful gift.

I hope you have a wonderful 2011... and I hope that the faery of good wishes comes to your doorstep too!!!


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