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Today I was thrilled to go shopping for my mother. I think I like being surrounded by produce, by some odd reason. I like to nom on the veggies while I am choosin whether to buy them or not. Mostly, I like looking at stuff. I like looking at things I would love to buy but my stupid OCD never lets me to buy it. I also miss the fire-like cheetos they used to sell at S-Mart. I used to get those at the old house and eat them with cream and/or nacho cheese. When I was hungry at 3 am or when I was calmly at home during  a lazy Sunday afternoon. I sort of miss that.

Next Friday I will go with my 9th graders to celebrate Student's Day. They decided that they wanted to go to the pool. And since they have to be protected with plastic, they rented a private place. I woul dhave loved it if we went to San Jorge or another public pool. It's much more fun to share..

Alas! This is something they will have to explore some other time! Also, David Letterman broadcasts his final show tonight. I never watched his show. I never found him funny. At all.

 For now, it's day three...

Day Three. Oldest Song you Love

From 1920, Carlos Gardel, "Mano a Mano".


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