Oh no, Heaven Knows...!

I really would like to take a moment here and say that even though hell and high water are arriving into town, into people's lives and into other not so grateful news, I really don't feel a bit empathic towards them. And I feel bad, I do. Children killing children, indiference swimming about. It's like a world social climate boom... I don't know. Maybe I'm just too disconected to the real world because I have to or else I go crazy, maybe I'm just denying in order to continue living in aworld away from the world. Too many personal problems to care about the other's. Too many scars to carry around yours.


Angie and I had sushi yesterday and we were sort of shocked to see how we both cannot stop being friends. We're always in each other's  minds and hopes for a happy future. I am glad she has found an enjoyable work. And I am slowly working on to mine. One day, one day.

In the Meantime...

I missed yesterday's challenge. I realize that. And I want to keep up. So, today I will do day two and so on. I don't wanna do two songs in one day, because that sort of defeats the purpose of it hahaha

So today's Song...

John Lennon's Cover 
"Stand by Me"
Original song: Ben King


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